Hannah's Bretzel

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Über News

  • 2nd Grade Visits Über Sustainable Hannah’s Bretzel, HB to Donate 25% of Sales on 4.22 to AGC.

    "AGC’s 2nd grade students visited the über sustainable, organic, nutritious and tasty sandwich chain Hannah’s Bretzel for an exciting field trip as part of a healthy cooking unit in their Wellness class. " Read More
  • Hannah's Bretzel donates day-old bread to local community

    Hannah's Bretzel is proud partner with Zero Percent to donate all day-old organic bread to local food shelters. Read More
  • Gourmet on the Go

    Think healthy fast-food is a misnomer? Not so, says good-for-you Hannah's Bretzel, which recently opened its fifth Chicago spot. Read More
  • Small Business, Big Impact: Hannah's Bretzel

    Hannah's Bretzel founder Florian Pfahler is working to make sure that as little material ends up in those landfills as possible. In addition to buying organic foods and sustainable energy, Hannah's Bretzel is on the forefront of a movement towards large-scale composting and zero-waste business. We sat down with Pfahler to find out why composting is important, why it's worth his money to go more sustainable and why being an early-adopter is important. Read More