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Breakfast Catering Overview

Team Breakfast

Pre-selected assortment of our sweet and savory breakfast sandwiches and a freshly prepared seasonal fruit salad with fresh mint. sandwiches include the goddess of Italian parma, almond butter + preserves, and our organic bread + spread with Nutella and organic cream cheese with Bonne Maman raspberry jam.

Executive Breakfast

A selection of our traditional organic Swabian bretzels and weckens, organic whole grain weckens, and freshly baked seasonal breakfast bread, served with organic cream cheese, organic cranberry chutney, tasty Nutella, and a freshly made seasonal fruit salad and your choice of organic coffee or organic hot tea with organic half+half.

Organic Egg Sandwich Box

A selection of our customer favorite freshly made organic egg sandwiches: fresh vegetables + farmhouse cheddar cheese / double smoked bacon + farmhouse cheddar cheese / the works; fresh vegetables, bacon, farmhouse cheddar. individually foil wrapped to keep warm.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Freshly prepared seasonal fruit salad. We currently use pineapple, watermelons, and blueberries and top it off with a touch of finely chopped fresh mint.

Bretzel & Weckens Box

Freshly baked traditional organic Swabian bretzels and wecken rolls, and organic whole grain wecken rolls, served with organic cream cheese, Nutella, and Bonne Maman Preserves. Discount automatically applied.

Organic Seasonal Pastry Box

Organic breakfast bread is made fresh daily and baked in our ovens. we currently serve our very popular freshly baked apple bread.