our philosophy is simple

start with quality ingredients and follow with a conscience


team hannah's


Hannah’s people are passionate innovators who speak up, create ideas and challenge themselves to elevate what we do to an ever-higher level.

We invest in like-minded folks who have an established sense of responsibility and are willing to lead by example.

How We Do Things Around Here

We represent what fast casual restaurants are becoming, not what they used to be. We have a bigger responsibility than just the bottom line to do right by all our stakeholders; our community, our food+nutrition, our team, our investors, our environment and our partners. 

Better and Better for Everybody

We strive to be ÜBER in all that we do! It’s an ever-evolving goal, because being ÜBER means always looking for innovations and ideas that will have a positive impact on the well-being of our Team, Community, Partners, and Investors; anyone who has a stake in our business.

But our core purpose always remains the same: make insanely tasty food, provide healthier nutrition on the go, and do it with the smallest environmental footprint possible. Because we are not another careless chain. We’re a link to something better.

Our Purpose

welcome. let's be awesome together

Hannah’s people are passionate. They are innovators who speak up, create ideas and challenge themselves to elevate what we do to an ever-higher level. We look for, nurture and invest in like-minded folks who have an established sense of responsibility and are willing to lead by example.

Hannah’s people understand that the only rule we follow is Do The Right Thing — for our customer, our team, our community, our company, and our partners and investors. We empower each other to make the right decisions, take risks, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our milestones.

Through it all we encourage one another to achieve a healthy work-life integration and we support each other with collaboration and team spirit. Yeah we said team spirit. It’s a little dorky, but who cares? It’s fun.

Our Team

as good as it gets

We are Über Sandwich Makers. More than anything, Über means tasty. Über also means organic and free of chemical additives, healthy and nutritionally balanced.

We believe food is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It gives us and our community energy and has healing properties. It’s actually quiet simple: we make food and use ingredients that we are happy to eat ourselves.

It has to taste good, it has to be nutritionally valuable, and it has to be made with the least environmental impact possible. If not, we don’t want it. Not for us, not for our customers, and not for our community.

our food + nutrition

nourishing connections

Our customers are our community. We give back, we participate, and we have an ongoing, open dialogue. We are proud of the “back to nature” origins of the food we serve, and we are happy to answer questions and share what we know.

We also take the opportunity to educate our community about nutrition in our stores, through our catering service, and by supporting like-minded local organizations.

Our Community

Let's Show 'em How Easy It Is To Be Green

Our commitment to the environment is a huge part of who we are, and has been since Day 1. From wind and solar power, to composting, to biodegradable packaging, our goal is to close the energy and waste cycle to reduce our impact on our community and to use the resources afforded us in the most respectable and efficient way.

We actively seek out innovations.. We love to adopt new technologies in our operation, communication, collaboration and transportation. We lead, inspire and educate all of our stakeholders and the community about what an environmentally conscious business can be.

Our Environment

you're part of us, too

Our partners are as much a part of us as our sandwiches. From food vendors, to architects, to graphic designers, our partners are a resource for better approaches and new ideas. They are part of our brand, too.

We are committed to mutual respect, and solicit their advice to help make our brand stronger and more efficient. In doing so we seek out partners who share our core cultural values, to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Our Awesome Partners

everybody wins

Our investors are critical to our existence. They’re partners who help us grow and elevate the company to new heights, no matter what the challenge.

Our investors share our commitment to do right by all of our stakeholders and they’re big believers in our objectives of innovation and industry leadership. In return for their support, we provide a transparent and openminded investment environment.

We are focused on a solid rate of return, as well as something larger than profits: We aim to be a company that is appreciated and respected by all stakeholders and the community at large, a company that everyone is proud to work with.

Our Investors