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some may be shy. others may not seek the spotlight. regardless, it's time you meet the people who help fuel hannah's bretzel day-in and day-out. together, we prove we're not just another careless chain. we are a link to something better.

  • MightyVine

    Rochelle, IL

    Fresh Local Tomatoes. MightVine has strong vines that twist and climb their way to the roof of our seven-acre greenhouse. Grown under pristine conditions with maximum ecological consideration, our tomatoes are picked fresh and to the market in hours, not weeks. Because of this unprecedented quickness, we are able to grow varieties chosen for flavor, not shipping.

  • LocalFoods

    Chicago, IL

    Connecting Chicago to the best in the Midwest. They work directly with Midwest brands and vendors to ensure quality, freshness, robust community and support to all local food systems. Local Foods helps bring farm-to-table to life by connecting small providers with shoppers all across Chicago.


  • Testa Produce

    Chicago, IL

    Testa prides themselves on a commitment to quality produce and service. With over 100 years of experience, they store and distribute premium produce in their LEED Platinum Certified facility.

  • Roth Kase

    Monroe, WI

    Instead of importing cheese, the focus became crafting and curing Eurpoean-style specialty cheeses here in America’s Dairyland. Green County, Wisconsin was a natural home for the Roth Kase cheese factory. Roth Kase provides us with their delicious cheeses.

  • Costanza Farm

    Sodus, MI

    Costanza Farm is a family farm that has been around and run for nearly 40 years. Concentrating on a variety of vegetables that will span the entire (albeit short) Midwest growing season, the Costanzas have fields of cucumbers, squash, peppers, eggplant, pickles, tomatoes, cabbage, and tomatillos. To ensure the sale of the entire crop from season to season with minimal waste, Costanza sells strictly to Wholesale distributors throughout the harvest.

  • Healthy Soil

    Chicago IL

    Straight from Farmer Jon: "Our mission is simple: to provide an environmentally-sustainable model of community composting and organic recycling for Chicago residents and business. We serve as a significant component in the local ecosystem—we are decomposers and energy regenerators."


    Healthy Soil is an important partner to reach our objective of  a zero waste cycle to serve Chicago with the smallest environmental footprint possible, with 100 percent wind + solar powered locations and our biodegradable, recyclable and now finally compostable operational waste. With compost our food-waste creates soil-food to grow food. Happiness all around!

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